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Shipping comparison :

Canada Post vs USPS

Parcel / Package send from Canada to the USA

Sample quote

3 different parcels sent from :

Hamilton.ON postal code L8N1J4 to California U.S. zip code 94588


Weight              dimensions               Canada Post              Our service with USPS

    lbs              long/width/height      Expedited parcel

  2 Lbs                9"x   5"x  2"                 C$22.38                           C$ 11.55 FRB Small Box

  8 Lbs              11"x   9"x  6"                C$32.28                           C$ 19.93 FRB Medium Box

30 Lbs              12"x 12"x  6"                C$71.61                          C$ 27.65 FRB Large Box

*parcel sent in flat-rate boxes- supply by us with no charge

Parcel / Package send within Canada

 Canada wide - Expedited service 3 to 7 business days via Canada Post

Please contact us to provide you a quote, As it varies to every destination depends

from weight and dimension

Starts from $10.50 upwards.


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