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Parcel delivery from Canada to USA


USPS shipping service for Canadians - online sellers from

Toronto,Mississauga,Oakville and Hamilton Ontario    


Discounted shipping

Shipping can either make or break a sale and will affect your profit margin.

Digital Serve INC. is a courier shipping company located in

Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga and Hamilton Ontario Canada


We offer parcel delivery services from USA to Canada and from Canada to USA,with deeply discounted shipping rates,order fulfillment as well as fast and reliable service.










To save money on shipping we are using USA Postal Service  USPS  to ship parcels in USA and around the World which is around 60% less expensive than Canada Post.

USPS service offers the cheapest shipping option including flat-rate boxes.

Price for shipping

If you own online store, selling

online and you are interested to cut your shipping cost to USA, Canada and Internationally, increase your sales volume, be more compatible and have larger exposure in USA market.

This low cost shipping solution can be for you.



Shipping price comparison

Shipping price comparison for package / parcel ship from

Canada to USA

USPS vs Canada Post  






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